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              1. 飼料機械 混合機 脈沖除塵器



                Hytherm 保持器獨特的設計可確保即使黏性很高的物料,殘留也很少,不僅減少了浪費,還減少了更換批次的時間。


                Hytherm “先進先出”的加工工藝可確保對物料進行均勻的熱處理,從而獲得統一的產品質量。

                選用 Hytherm 保持器可提高飼料安全性,并降低沙門氏菌污染風險和殘留引起的交叉污染。

                優化的“先進先出”原則可確保物料得到均勻一致的熱處理。通過選配兩段保持器,保持時間可高達 240 秒,實現理想的物料處理。

                By selecting one to two Hythrem retainers, the holding time can be adjusted within 30-240 seconds, thereby improving the cleanliness and safety of the feed. The principle of 'first in, first out' ensures that all particles receive uniform and consistent heat treatment.

                Less residual materials
                The unique design of the Hytherm retainer ensures that even for materials with high viscosity, there are very few residues, which not only reduces waste but also reduces the time to replace batches.

                Easy to clean
                Different batches of materials are easy to clean.

                Uniform heat treatment
                The "first in, first out" machining process of Hytherm ensures uniform heat treatment of materials, thereby achieving unified product quality.

                Feed safety, greatly reducing potential safety hazards in feed
                Choosing a Hytherm maintainer can improve feed safety and reduce the risk of Salmonella contamination and cross contamination caused by residues.

                Uniform processing, first in, first out
                The optimized "first in, first out" principle ensures uniform and consistent heat treatment of materials. By selecting a two-stage holder, the holding time can reach up to 240 seconds, achieving ideal material handling.