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              1. 飼料機械 混合機 脈沖除塵器

                TDTG 斗式提升機
                TDTG Bucket elevator


                The head wheel can be attached with adhesive, which is fireproofwear-resistant, and effectively prevents belt slipping. Equippedwith explosion-proof ports, it effectively prevents dust explosion,Safe and reliable machine barrel. Adopting a folding and biting processequipped with a stamping or plastic dustbin, which can be equipped witha rever se device to prevent. The arc-shaped design at the bottom of the material blockage caused byshutdown can be self-cleaning, and can be equipped with a deviation alarm ordetection system for a wide range of applicationsUsed for vertical transportation of various materials, with power configuredaccording to height technical parameters.

                型號 Model
                TDTG 36/23
                TDTG 36/28
                TDTG 48/23
                TDTG 48/28
                產量 Capacity(t/h)