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              1. 飼料機械 混合機 脈沖除塵器

                TDSL 移動式散包兩用膠帶輸送機
                TDSL series removable gluey-belt conveyor

                采用防塵防爆設計,機架采用鋼管焊接結構,剛性好,外觀美觀配備自動升降裝置,操作便利、靈活,可幾臺串聯使用,或與其他倉庫機械配套使用,長度有5m、10m、15m、20m 等規格,廣泛應用于裝卸地點經常變換的場合、以及散運或包運。

                It adopts dust-proof and explosion-proof design. The frame adopts steel pipe welding structure, with good rigidity and beautiful appearance. It is equipped with automatic lifting device, which is convenient and flexible to operate. It can be used in series with several sets or matched with other warchouse machinery. The length is 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m and other specifications. It is widely used in occasions where loading and unloading locations are often changed, as well as bulk transportation or package transportation.

                型號 Model
                TDSL 50
                產量 Capacity(t/h)