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              1. 飼料機械 混合機 脈沖除塵器

                THYS 電腦添加劑預混料機組
                THYS series additive and premixed feed turn-key with computer control proportioning


                The technological process of the whole set of equipment is displayed on the computer screen, which can dynamically simulate the working process of a single equipment; It can monitor the working state of a single equipment in real time, and ad just the working parameters of the equipment according to the setting of manual equipment, so as to realize the complete intellectualization of system control.The system program is backed up automatically, with self recovery function. It can effectively store the process operation data and print various production data reports in real time. The scale body adopts Toledo sensor, Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan PLC programmable controller, imported electrical components. The designed annual output is about 50000-300000 tons.